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Approximately 20 years ago, Aloysious, a successful businessman, had an insatiable desire to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and this opportunity came quite by accident or rather by divine appointment. Whilst driving along Batang Berjuntai, his car brokedown and he went in search of a mechanic and instead stumbled upon an elderly couple and their grandchildren who were desperately in need of aid. He learned later that the grandfather, the sole breadwinner for the family, had just lost his job due to health reasons and the family had absolutely nothing to live on. Aloysious ministered to the aged couple and their grandchildren, provided what he could and promised to come back with supplies. He visited them frequently, shared God's Word and led them to Jesus. This experience birthed a vision in Aloysious heart to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and seek God's Kingdom first.Two estates which Aloysious worked closely with were Hopeful Estate and Nigel Gardner Oil Palm Estates. These places were occupied mainly by non Christian residents, most of whom had lost their only source of income which is oil palm. Most of the men had abandoned their wives, children and the elderly with the hope of finding employment in the city. Many of them did not come back with the promised support. In short, Hopeful Estate was in reality "Hopeless Estate" with large families awaiting very basic human needs. Every weekend, Aloysious and his family provided food, clothing and health supplies. In addition to this, bible study and prayer sessions were held and many accepted Jesus Christ as the personal Lord and Savior. These individuals were then connected to churches in the nearest vicinity.As the Lord prompted Aloysious, he witnessed and ministered to many unchurched groups throughout Malaysia and the neighbouring countries. As a gifted teacher of God's Word, he was invited to preach regularly at many lunch hour fellowships, offices, hotels and homes. God moved mightily in these meetings. The group size increased tremendously but most importantly, people's passion and hunger for God increased and they began to exercise their faith. In order to minister to all groups effectively, it became imminent that a center be sought to continue the work of spreading the gospel.The Breath of God Church is situated in Cheras with a gathering of about 200 souls at the Sunday Celebration Service, Friday Lunch Hour Fellowship, Friday Bible Studies and Intercession Prayer, Monthly Healing Services, and Home Prayer meets. God has been working in many areas of our lives be it in relationships, jobs, business opportunities and health. We give all glory and honor to God!


Rev. Aloysious Lopez is the founder senior pastor of The Breath of God Church in Jalan Loke Yew Kuala Lumpur. Rev. Aloysious is a gifted teacher with an apostolic and prophetic calling and has ministered throughout Malaysia as well as internationally. Also his experience in the area of deliverance and healing has made him a highly sought after preacher for seminars and conferences.  Many rural and laid back communities throughout Malaysia have been impacted and transformed by his teachings.Rev. Aloysious is happily married to his wife Christine, who also serves as  Associate Pastor at the The Breath of God Church and they have 3 wonderful children, Michelle, Kenny and Jacklyn, who are also leaders of the church music ministry.